Serena Toxicat was born and raised in San Francisco and lived nearly eight years in Paris, where she acted, modeled, translated texts and masturbated to an unholy soundtrack of Vanessa Paradis and Niagara.  She now spends her days catnapping and her evenings worshiping the Ancient Egyptian pantheon (which includes Hello Kitty, Mimmy and Chococat), practicing the divinatory arts and dreaming of a spacetime reality with an Autonomous Tibet.
She's a pro show ho (singer, dancer, actor, model) who appreciates badass bitches with good attitudes, unpushy people and hard-working transgender prostitutes.
The crazy cat lady is mother to all ocelots, Jungle Cats and chausies, servals and Savannah cats, bengals and Siamese.  Currently, she is mother to the cat forms of Isis and Selket.
She enjoys Edward Gorey, Art Nouveau, Theater of the Absurd, Surrealism, Dada and Futurism, Asian and Egyptian art, corsets, perfumes, vegetarian food and proteas.
She catfights for animal rights, mental health awareness, workers' rights and unionization, and against domestic violence.
She hangs out in courtesans' tongs and secret societies (can't say which, it's a secret), attends Gothcon, Convergence, Pantheacon, Burning Man, and Wave Gotik Treffen.
Serena gets off on theoretical physics and using her Hello Kitty vibrator while writing literary fiction, listening to Art Bell and channeling cosmic catnip paintings.
You can find this divine feline on stage or on CD with Gypsy Caravan, Apocalypse Theater, Ephemeral Orchestra, Protea, Catbox theory, and D.I.E..  You can peep her nekkid on alternaporn and fetish sites, or in live exotic performance at Chez Badunkadunk, the Crazy Horse and Chez Paree (soon to be Angels).  Watch her make history and herstory with the Black Widows goth erotic performance troupe, shimmy in a kimono with the Wicked Geisha, and (any day now) impersonate Cher at County Fairs with the SF Summer of Love.
If you need a domina to flog you or a pair of feet to worship, Serena's your top cat, and if you pay her vet bills, you'll have her eternal devotion.

Lastly, she's always the oldest bitch on the stage or screen - and damned proud of it. Girls have to know they can be just as hot at 30 and 40 as they can at 20. It's kind of a mission.

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