In the background there is a lake, and beyond that, some low hills. (The photograph was taken the day after I drowned. I am in the lake, in the center of the picture, just under the surface. It is difficult to say where precisely, or to say how large or small I am: the effect of water on light is a distortion but if you look long enough, eventually you will be able to see me.)

Ariellah performs tribal and dark fusion belly dance all over the world.

She has an extensive 12 year dance background that includes strict classical ballet training with the Royal Academy of Dance from London. She has studied and performed belly dance for the past seven years, both with Janine Ryle of Danse Mahgreb and as a founding member of The Indigo with Rachel Brice.

Her style infuses many genres of belly dance, all with a modern, very dark flavour, that is uniquely her own.

She is featured on many DVDs, including the first of its kind “Gothic BellyDance” DVD and her first instructional DVD, “Contemporary BellyDance and Yoga Conditioning” and she also won first place in Siren’s Insanity belly dance competition in 2004.

She is considered a leader in the innovative new genre of Gothic Belly Dance and is known for her strong technique and precision of movements.

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