What is Gothiphilia?

‘Gothiphilia’ is thinking Morticia Addams is sexy.

‘Gothiphilia’ is knowing that cookie-cutter blondes with implants are boring.

‘Gothiphilia’ is finding the sensual in the dark, mysterious, morbid and strange.

‘Gothiphilia’ is the appreciation that inked, pierced and cut skin is as equally stimulating as smooth, flawless skin.

‘Gothiphilia’ is taking control of your sexuality and the willingness to express it.

‘Gothiphilia’ is being on a first name basis with the different sexual personalities that live within you.

‘Gothiphilia’ is realizing that sex is more than nudity and the merging of bodies, but is also an attitude and merging of minds.

Lastly, ‘Gothiphilia’ is simply a word that I made up.